5 nursery decorating ideas with photo frames!

5 nursery decorating ideas with photo frames!


Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy! There is so much to do before they arrive, but our favourite part is decorating the nursery. It’s a great way to get creative and personalize the room that your baby will call home. Photo frames are a fantastic way to add some personality to your baby’s room. These are our 5 nursery decorating ideas with photo frames!


Photo frames style 1: Mini gallery wall

Decorating the nursery comes with a sea of ideas. A mini gallery wall is a very cute way to combine all your favourite styles and tailor the room specifically to your baby. Pick two or three of your favourite prints, add in a family photo or a sonogram and mix and match photo frames from our collection. A playful look!


Photo frames style 2: Photo shelf

A beautiful finishing touch to your nursery is a photo shelf! It’s a cute and safe way to show your favourite pictures and accessorize the room. Pick out your favourite family photos and select frames in different sizes to create that playful baby room look!



Photo frames style 3: Timeline

One of the most amazing things about becoming a parent is watching your baby grow! All the moments from when they are very young to when they can walk on their own are lovely to use as decoration. Start with a few pictures of the first year and add pictures to the timeline as your child gets older. Our Sweet Memory photo frame collection is perfect to create a timeline with!


Photo frames style 4: Grid gallery

This look is for nursery’s with a clean decorating style! Pick a series of prints or pictures from a baby shoot, frame them in the same style and hang them up in a grid. A real eye-catcher in every baby room!


Photo frames style 5: Silver heaven

For all the mums and dads who love a classical style, the silver heaven is something for you! Choose your favourite baby pictures, browse our collection of silver photo frames and pick out several different frames. Hang them up playfully like the clouds form in the sky!


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