Be creative with picture frames!


Are you looking for design inspiration for your living room? Be creative with picture frames! A picture frame adds a personal touch to your living area and you can let your creativity run free. In this blog we’ll tell you all you can do with picture frames!


A variety of frames

It is fun to decorate a large, empty wall with a variety of picture frames. It makes your wall look playful and the frames are a real eye-catcher! Think about the combination of [black] and [silver] frames. Do you want to vary even more? Make sure you have a supply of different shapes and sizes of picture frames at hand. This way, you can always change the way your wall looks!

Dried flowers or leaves

Do you love nature? Try experimenting with dried flowers of leaves in a frame! You can easily dry flowers yourself by putting them in between two paper towels and flattening them between the pages of a book. After three weeks your flowers are dry and ready to be framed!

Creative use of wrapping paper

Who says you can only use wrapping paper for wrapping gifts? These days, wrapping paper designs vary from patterns to depictions of actual cities. Do you have a modern interior? Go with a modern, [black] picture frame with wrapping paper of a city. Are you more into the classical look? Then a lovely pattern framed in a [silver] picture frame would look great on your wall!

A memory wall

Do you want to give the area a personal touch? Dive into your picture archives and dig up some old pictures of holidays, moments with family and friends or a nice day out! You can choose as many pictures as you want. When hanging them up, it looks like a collage on the wall. Tip: you can use different shapes and sizes of picture frames. This way, you can highlight a few important pictures while others are smaller. The diversity offers something for everybody!


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