8 Father-daughter activities that will create a bond!

8 Father-daughter activities that will create a bond!

It’s very important to build a strong bond with your kids. But what activities are fun for fathers and daughters? There are a number of activities that you can do together, even if you don’t share the same interests. With these 8 father-daughter activities your bond will grow stronger and you’ll have fun too!


Go on a bike ride

Discover the great outdoors on your bicycles. When the training wheels come of you can head out and discover new places a little further from home.


Throw a princess tea party

Organizing a tea party with a princess theme isn’t hard at all! Head into the kitchen and bake cookies together, put on the kettle for a big pot of tea and set the table. Complete the table setting with our princess children’s cutlery!


Learn something new together

Learning something new is fun, and it’s even more fun when you do it together. Are you teaching your little girl how to save money? Then be sure to read out 6 tips to teach your kids how to save! The first step is of course, choosing a nice money box!


Go on a trip

Go on an adventure and explore new cities, countries or even the world! It can be as short as a day trip or as long as a family holiday, the world is yours to explore!


Start your own collection

Strengthen your bond by starting your own collection. You can choose anything: sea shells, dolls, stuffed animals, postcards, or money boxes! As the years go by your collection will grow and so will your bond.


Organize a scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is a lot of fun to organize. But a princess scavenger hunt is even more special! Decide on an easy route beforehand and map it out. At the end of the route the princesses will find Cinderella’s crown! Are you looking for more princess activities? These are our 5 fantastic princess activities tips!


Build a pillow fort

Collect all the cushions, blankets and sheets you can find and build a magnificent pillow fort in the living room! A fun activity to do on a rainy day.


Go to the beach

On a beautiful spring or summer day it’s nice to go the beach. You can collect sea shells, build a sandcastle and play in the surf! If you don’t live near a beach, you can also go to a nice lake or park together and count the ducks or skip stones across the surface of the water.


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