4 tips for a romantic summer picnic!


Summer is of course the perfect time to pack up your things and have a romantic picnic outside. Fill a picknick basket with tasty foods and go to a park, the woods or even your own backyard. These are our 4 tips for a romantic summer picnic!

Pick a beautiful spot to have the picnic
You can have a romantic picnic anywhere, but it’s always better to have a picnic with a nature view than a view of cars and concrete!


Bring more than one blanket

One to sit on and one to sit under if it gets a bit chilly! It’s also very romantic to sit under a blanket together when you’re watching the sun go down.


A romantic picnic isn’t complete without bubbly

Bring a nice bottle of champagne or prosecco and toast to your future with real [champagne glasses]! Keep the bottle cool in a [champagne cooler] so you can enjoy a nice and chilled bubbly the entire day.


Bring an assortment of foods

If you’ve been with your partner for a long time you know each other’s tastes, but if you are just starting to get to know each other it’s a good idea to bring different foods! Don’t forget about the presentation of your food either. A nice [snack tray] will go a long way when it comes to showing off the foods you’ve picked out.


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