8 ideas for an outdoor summer wedding!


Summer is a very popular season for weddings: the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and everyone is in happy spirits. But how do you make your summer wedding stand out? With these 8 ideas your outdoor summer wedding will be the most beautiful day!

Have an outside wedding dinner
There’s nothing more romantic than wining and dining in the middle of nature! Set your table with beautiful [champagne glasses] for the toasts and serve the food on [snack trays] in a shared dining concept.


Have an outdoor ceremony

Say “I do” to the person you love during an outdoor ceremony. You can choose to have the ceremony during the day or starting in the afternoon. A ceremony during sunset is very romantic. The colours of the sun in the sky will create the perfect ambiance for you and your fiancé to promise each other the stars.  


Choose a theme for your wedding

Choose a theme and decorate your outdoor wedding! For example: If you plan on having a Hawaii or Ibiza theme you can decorate with straw umbrella’s, colourful blankets on the seats and lanterns in all shapes and sizes.


Use the nature around you as decoration

Nature is already beautiful, all you need to do is use what you already have! Hang lights and paper lanterns in the trees, create a romantic walkway and cut wildflowers.


Cut bouquets of wildflowers to decorate the table

All the flowers are in full bloom during summer, which is perfect for a summer wedding! You can also use [silver coloured napkin rings] to hold a few flowers together with the napkins and decorate the plates with them.


Collect natural confetti

Leaves and flowers can be used as natural confetti to match your summer theme. Be careful not to use anything that’s already faded or stings!


Decorate your cake with edible wild flowers

The perfect edible addition to your outside wedding is to decorate your wedding cake with edible wild flowers. It’s summery and festive! Do you want to make the cutting of the cake an unforgettable moment? Then use this [cake serving set with hearts].


Have a dance party under the stars!

There’s nothing more beautiful than lighting up the night sky with the radiant and happy faces of people dancing! Decorate the area with lights and lanterns in the trees and enjoy each other’s company!


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