The best Christmas gifts for children: money boxes and children’s cutlery

The best Christmas gifts for children: money boxes and children’s cutlery

The holiday season is a time for giving. But coming up with original gift ideas every year can be difficult! However, there are two types of gifts that are always a success: money boxes and cutlery! Both gifts are practical, educational and fun to use. Here’s why we think money boxes and children’s cutlery are the best Christmas gifts for children!


Money boxes


Saving the first pennies becomes even more fun with a money box! Learning how to save money takes time and not all children find it fun. Therefore, it’s smart to start early and make it appealing. A money box shaped like one of their favourite animals or vehicles quickly becomes one of their favourite items!

By personalising it you make it even more precious. We have a broad collection of money boxes. In our collection you will find a unicorn, squirrel, seal, hedgehog, owl, elephant, bear, cow, butterfly, helicopter, caterpillar and a lovely collection of Miffy money boxes. All our money boxes can be engraved.


Children’s cutlery


Teaching your child to eat with their own cutlery makes it fun and easier for them to learn! The fun symbols on the cutlery will make eating a party! In time, they can even set their own place at the Christmas table.

All our children’s cutlery can be engraved, so you can personalise a set with for example a name or a symbol. In our collection you’ll find cutlery sets with all sorts of themes, a selection of Miffy cutlery sets and porcelain dinner sets.


Browse our collection of money boxes and children’s cutlery sets and make it an unforgettable Christmas!